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The short history of depilation from the initial attempts to the most up-to-date techniques…


1. History

From the beginning of times people, but mostly women, paid a great attention to body care not only for aesthetic, cleaning purposes but for therapeutical and health care reasons, as well. Depilation got an extremely significant role among the criteria of neatness. In the ancient cultures the hairy body was considered to be unclean.
During the middle ages body care and hygiene lost their importance, except for the Turkish Empire where women had their complete body-hair removed, leaving only the eyelashes and hair on their heads. Among the moslim people of our days the tradition is still alive that the whole body of the young couple is to be depilated before their wedding.
In the ancient times, and later in the moslim countries, a syrup was mixed of sugar, lemon juice and water. It was applied to the hairy human body and when it got dried it was teared down. The substance was applied opposite to the growth of hair and was removed into hair growth direction. As the temperature of this substance was high and it had to get dry before removal, skin was exposed to a severe heat. No other materials were used, this recipe was quite simple and was suitable only for home use.
Later on clips were used for depilation, but they could be applied only on a small body surface. Then razor was applied, it cut the hair at the skin surface, but the frequent shaving strengthened the hair. Renaissance of depilation started at the beginning of the 20th century, then this fashion spread over Europe. Demand for depilation grew proportionally with the shortening of the skirts and the diminishing of the size of bathing suits.
Therefore, the most important point is to find materials and methods for removing the visible hair from our skin, as effectively and as gently as possible, in order to achieve a smooth, silky skin. One of the most common materials used for hair removal is wax. Waxes are made mostly of bee-wax, paraffine, pine-wax and diluters (e.g. terpentine). Heated wax is applied on the skin with a spatula into hair growth direction and is removed to the opposite direction. This procedure has improved during the time, cartridges with roller-heads have been developed, in this case the wax shall be removed by a strip after solidification.
Chemical methods are based on keratolysis, the keratin in the hair is dissolved. This method can be dangerous owing to its caustic effect.
Among the latest techniques the final (diathermic and short-wave) depilation can be mentioned, this is carried out with the help of electric current – in this method a thin needle is entered into the follicle and the proteins of papilla are coagulated by the heat created there. When it is hit successfully, no new hair can grow. This procedure is rather circuitous and takes much time.
In the new millenium the new generation of bio-natural products come to the forefront, the chemicals are replaced with aroma therapy and new products made with oil extract, etc. Role of chemistry has changed, the activity of chemists has transformed, their task is to produce cosmetics from ideal, natural materials that give protection against the environmental agressors; to develop preparations making the skin soft, smooth and silky, thus providing the client with the feeling of total happiness and wellness.
In order to meet the new challenges, we established a team consisting of chemical engineers and a cosmetologist chief physician. Parallel with the continuous testing by beauticians, this team has developed the new generation of honey emulsion that meets the above mentioned requirements and expectations.

2. Introduction to SENS’X WO-MAN PROFESSINOAL® line

SENS’X WO-MAN PROFESSIONAL® line consists of four, 100 % natural cosmetics: cleansing gel before depilation, talcum powder, depilation paste with honey emulsion and balm after depilation.
In these cosmetics the active ingredients, lavender and rose water (their beneficial effects on the skin have been well known for ages) and the basic materials are in perfect harmony.
Each of our products is hypoallergenic, clinically tested. No animal tests were carried out with them. Substances applied in the recipe are not of animal origin, therefore, they are free of BSE infection.
The most important features of this product line are: high standard hygiene, thrift, efforts for granting comfort and wellness for the client, the products can be applied both on female and on male bodies.
The products have been manufactured for professional use, they are available exclusively for beauticians and students of beautician schools who have got SENS’ X WO-MAN PROFESSIONAL® customer cards. Condition of purchasing the products in each case is the completion of the training organized by our company, where the successful participants are given a diploma and the above mentioned customer card. SENS’X WO-MAN PROFESSIONAL®Ž product line is not available in retail trade!


With this product the contaminations can be eliminated from the skin surface and the pores. The skin surface should be degreased gently, thus facilitating the effectiveness of depilation. The gel contains lavender oil that has skin calming and regenerating effect.
Packaging: 500 ml (bottle with dispenser pump)


It contains lavender oil and Camomile flower extract which have skin calming and regenerating effect. After its application the skin becomes smooth, dry and silky, furthermore, the fine hairs are made more visible.
Packaging: 100 g


Honey is the wonderful gift from Mother Nature, it is said to be “the food of Gods”.
It stimulates blood circulation, stores moisture and owing to its powerful antibacterial enzymes, organic acids and the inhibine enzym, it helps reduce the pain and redness arising during the depilation process. After the depilation less red, itching spots occur even on hypoallergenic skin or on skin types prone to allery.
Lavender oil and rose water have a significant anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. There is no need for strip for the removal of the hair. Since all the components are water soluble, the excess honey emulsion can be washed easily with lukewarm water.
Packaging: 500ml (about 700 g)


The product moisturizes the skin and absorbs very quickly. It cools and refreshes the skin pleasantly. The skin gets a silky feel. The balm contains skin calming and regenerating lavender oil.
Packaging: 500 ml (bottle with dispenser pump)

3. Quality control

All the basic materials for the manufacturing of this product line are tested in each case. Not only the manufacturing process is controlled but the finished products are also subjected to physical, chemical and microbiological tests prior to their sale. Quality assurance naturally includes a practical test, as well.
Shelf life of the products is 2 years from the date of manufacturing.
The SENS’X WO-MAN PROFESSIONAL® depilation cosmetic line has been invented after a long period of research and development. Satisfactory results have been proved also by the successful application tests.

4. Practical questions of depilation with honey emulsion

Depilation should be carried out only on sound skin.

  • Prior to the treatment the beautician should ask the client about all her/his possible diseases.
  • The client should be informed what materials are used during the treatment. For women it is not recommended to apply the depilation during their periods, as their pain-threshold gets lower and temperature gets higher during this time.
  • As for men, their hair is much stronger, therefore, they should be told that this treatment is more painful than shaving but less unpleasant than depilation with wax.
  • The beautician must have short nails and must wear rubber gloves during the treatment, for hygienic reasons!

5. The treatment

Remove the body lotion, creams, make-up and sweat from the client’s skin with the skin cleansing gel. Spread the gel over the skin in an uniform layer then wipe it off with a tissue.
Then apply the talcum powder with genly rubbing onto the body surface to be depilated, in order to make it dry. At the same time this will make the short and weak hair visible.
Heat up the honey emulsion in the specific heater to 25-30°C.
Take out a nut-sized amount of the pre-heated honey emulsion and apply it to the skin surface to be depilated, opposite to the hair-growth direction. Then remove it with hand, in the hair-growth direction, thus preventing the hair from breaking into the follicle.
Always pay attention to the direction of hair growth, as it may differ for each guest and/or for the body parts, as well. In case the beautician makes a mistake she shall repeat the procedure in the right direction. It is possible to return to the same skin-surface several times, it does not cause any harm to the skin.
Following the treatment the honey emulsion used for the depilation, full of the removed hair, shall be disposed of, together with the rubber gloves!
This product line satisfies high hygienic requirements both in its composition and in its use, for the Client and for the Beautician alike.
Thanks to the composition of the emulsion, no bacteria can settle in it. The high osmotic pressure in itself preserves the product.
The honey emulsion is a disposable substance, so do not treat more than one client with the same dose taken out of the heater!
Skin cleansing and body care products are packed into bottles equipped with dispensers, thus enhancing hygiene; in this way the gel and the beautician’s hand gets in contact only with the material to be used!
This is the latest dimension of depilation!

6. Body parts that can be depilated

The SENS’ X WO-MAN PROFESSIONAL® honey emulsion has been designed to eliminate the complete male and female body-hair (except for the eyelashes, the hair on the head and the hair on the men’s faces).

  • This means that the following body parts can be depilated: lower legs,
  • thighs – knees,
  • bikini-line,
  • the Brasil style can be made,
  • the whole intimate hair can be eliminated;
  • further parts that can be depilated: stomach,
  • chest,
  • back,
  • neck,
  • lower arms,
  • upper arms,
  • armpits,
  • eyebrows,
  • women’s faces,
  • hands,
  • feet,
  • knuckles.

Corneal layer formed on the elbow can also be treated, as the material can eliminate the dead cells from the skin surface, as well.
Honey emulsion is recommended also for depilation prior to delivery and to surgical operations, owing to its above listed benefits.
It is important to pay attention to the hair-growth direction on each body part, and the honey emulsion should be applied to the skin opposite to the hair-growth direction and shall be removed to the hair-growth direction.

7. Why do the beauticians like honey emulsion and why do the clients prefer it?

7.1. Why do the beauticians like it?

  • Owing to the professional nature of the product, it is allowed to be used only by professional beauticians, it is not available in retail trade.
  • It is very economical, only a small amount should be used for the treatment and there is no need to use any complementary products, like spatula, strip for the removal, solvent.
  • Its use is hygienic, as it is used only once (a new, clean dose for each client), then it is disposed of.
  • It is a natural product, made of 100 % natural ingredients.
  • The beautician may return to a given body part several times in order to eliminate the obstinate hair and there is no need for the use of clips.
  • It is water-soluble, therefore it can easily be washed with lukewarm water from the body, from textiles and the devices.
  • Clients come for depilation with a greater pleasure and more regularly if the beautician treats them with this emulsion, and they are very grateful for this.

7.2. Why do the clients prefer it?

  • It can be applied both for women and for men.
  • It is hygienic, as the material is disposed of following the treatment and does not get into contact with anyone else’s skin.
  • Treatment is allergy-free, without skin irritation, and there is only a minimum skin reddening.
  • The grown-in hair disappears after some treatments.
  • Short hair can also be removed, in this way the skin is visibly almost always hairless.
  • As a result of a regular use the hair gets thin.
  • Following the depilation the skin becomes silky, thanks to the honey emulsion and to the pre-treatment and after care cosmetics.
  • Honey emulsion can be used for the whole body.
  • It is extremely effective and gentle for the soft and intimate body parts.
  • The client arrives to the session free of stress, as she/he knows that her/his well-being is granted following each depilation.

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